Scotland is ideal for hunting

Scotland has a rich and diverse hunting history. With a dramatic backdrop, an incredible array of wildlife and centuries-old traditions, you can enjoy hunting pheasant and partridge, wing bird shooting, deer stalking and game shooting in abundance. There are several organisations that can arrange hunting and shooting holidays and what better way to experience your journey than a 4×4 hire from Scotland 4×4 Hires. You’ll travel in comfort and style with the confidence that no matter what the weather and terrain, our reliable vehicles allow you to arrive in good time.

What can you hunt in Scotland?

In Scotland you can combine history, landscape and sport in a hunting holiday or short break. The diverse and dramatic landscape is an ideal hunting environment for all types of game shooting. From duck and goose in the Solway Firth to pheasant shooting in Perthshire and deer stalking in the Highlands you’ll find the perfect hunting pastime. There is a true sense of tradition here in Scotland, making it an ideal hunting destination. You will need to organise your hunting trip with a reputable company that has the contacts within Scotland’s estates and can arrange game licences, shotgun and rifle permits, gun hire and working dogs if required. This will enable you to enjoy shooting a diverse range of species including pheasant, goose, partridge, pigeon, woodcock, grouse, duck, rabbit, hare, roe deer, sika deer and red deer.

The Car

When planning your hunting trip consider your transport carefully. It is likely that you will encounter some rugged terrain when venturing into the Scottish countryside, and it will be especially challenging in the winter months. By hiring a 4×4 from Scotland 4×4 Hires you can start enjoying your hunting trip the minute you step inside your vehicle and be confident that your car will handle any steep inclines, frequent water features and rugged terrain. Each of our vehicles provide an exceptional travel option, getting you to your destination in comfort and style whilst you enjoy the dramatic Scottish scenery.


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